_BPS1287_2_cropKatryna Dow is the CEO and founder of Meeco, the Australian tech company that is building a world leading data independence platform for people. Meeco guarantees individuals choice and data sovereignty rights in the way they interact in the digital world and with the Internet-of-things.

For the past two decades, she has split her time between being asked to challenge convention to drive change and growth – with leading enterprises, start-ups and everything in-between – and studying human behaviour: neuro-economics, archetypes, mythology, profiling systems and psychographic segmentation.

The two streams of her life co-exist and merge to give her a unique perspective on how individuals and organisations work and communicate, and how organisations fit and function within the context of the larger social and economic landscape.

Her unique fusion of industry experience and academic knowledge has enabled Katryna to drive change and develop strategies for clients such as ipac, Commonwealth Bank and AMP.  Her vision and passion is focused on inviting organisations to reassess their relationships with customers, view their opportunities differently, while always remaining empathetic to the cultural dislocation that this can cause.

Katryna has delivered projects around the globe, living and working in Australia, the United Kingdom, India and the United States.  Her work across industry sectors including finance, technology, human resources, healthcare and infrastructure has contributed to her deep understanding of human motivation.

Always looking to the future, Katryna has drawn on her unique experiences and intuitive understanding of people’s motivations and behaviours to see that, with the rise of the connected world, the privacy and rights of individuals are being eroded by data brokers and governments. She believes passionately in regaining people’s digital sovereignty, and has evolved a concept that shifts the power and insight back to the people.

Meeco is Katryna’s idea born of the movement of like-minded thinkers who believe in the possibility of a shift in the relationship between the person, their privacy and the online world. The Meeco platform allows people to take control of their digital lives, with Katryna’s commitment ensuring that, from its inception, Meeco will create and generate real value for the community and be a nexus of online social interactions, brand engagement and mutual value creation.

Her extensive commercial experience has inspired a range of new business models which when implemented will help eliminate the unauthorised trading of personal data, whilst raising the value of personal data for owners.  Meeco will also significantly reduce the cost to enterprise in the delivery of goods and services to customers through the creation of a shared value data exchange.

A globally respected thought-leader in the prescient topics of data sovereignty and consumer choice, Katryna is at the forefront of the digital sovereignty movement, with her passionate vision for the empowerment of the online individual making her one of the CEOs to watch.

In her own words “It’s your life, It’s your data.  You own it”.