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MEF Personal Data & Security Summit, CES2017, Las Vegas

KuppingerCole Customer Identity Summit, Paris November 2016


Cloud Identity Summit, CIS2016 New Orleans, 07 June, 2016         New Business Models powered by the API-of-Me, Katryna Dow

Cloud Identity Summit, CIS2016 New Orleans, 08 June, 2016                 The Great Privacy Debate            Parts 1 & 2, Featuring:                   Steve Wilson, Brian Katz,                     Jen Behrens & Katryna Dow

EchoJunction – Katryna Dow talks social privacyKatrynaDowx300
Revitalising customer engagement and trust CHERYL BURGESS, KATRYNA DOW & MICHAEL WEEDING

Decentral Vancouver – Salon Talks: Decentralized Identity w/ Gene Vayngrib (Tradle), Greg Meredith (Synereo), and Katryna Dow (Meeco)

Meeco: What is the ‘Me-economy’?

Amplify July 2014 – From eCommerce to MeCommerce

Why is the rise of the privacy economy significant?