It’s Not About Privacy…It’s About Power


“Knowledge is Power” 

– Francis Bacon

The privacy debate is the shadow cast over the start to our 21st Century. We are surrounded by extreme views. Privacy is political; just ask Snowden. Privacy is over, declares Mark Zuckerberg. Privacy is space, says the teenager behind a closed door.

Amidst these differing views it’s evident is that the privacy norms of the past are fast eroding in the digital, wi-fi enabled, security-camera tracked world we inhabit.

I am not sure it is going to get better in the short term; in fact I think it is going to get a lot worse. In part, because we focussed on debating privacy, when the real issue is power.



“We should take the pains to remember something.
There are some of us,
Who do not accept the dreams of dragons as their own,
No matter how grand those dragons might say they are”  

-Llorca, The Novel Sound

When I was about six years old we had a car accident. The family car was a green E.H. Holden, four doors with bench seats. At the time of the accident my mother was driving and my sister and I were in the back. The car was stopped at a railway crossing and then clipped from behind, sending us into a 360-degree spin. Time slowed down so much it felt like we were spinning forever. Then amidst the screeching and broken glass the car came to a thumping halt in front of a pub.

Plato & The Consequences of Convenience

I see the rise of privacy and sovereignty as akin to the move from feudalism to land ownership, or civil rights, or the right to vote. Throughout history ‘mankind’ continues to strive for freedom and equality. We all know that the cost of the digital world as it operates currently is a very high price. Whilst most people still experience it as convenience, the consequences are hidden. What will begin to evidence this cost is insight into how these centralised structures are really limiting innovation, freedom and value creation.

Respect Network Announces Meeco As Founding Partner

“Our shared commitment to personal sovereignty and the opportunity to create real value for our community is why our partnership with The Respect Network is so important to us” notes Katryna Dow Founder & CEO of Meeco, the personal cloud engagement layer that turns small data into big insight. “Imagine the amount of data our children will create in their life-time.  Working together with The Respect Network we can help future generations turn information into assets, just as valuable as coins in piggy bank”.

The demand chain and the supply chain need to pull each other, side by side. There needs to be dialogs of processes, up and down the whole system; seller to buyer, buyer to seller-and even buyer to buyer, and seller to seller.

Craig Burton

Quoted in The Intention Economy by Doc Searls

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