Respect Network Announces Meeco As Founding Partner

“Our shared commitment to personal sovereignty and the opportunity to create real value for our community is why our partnership with The Respect Network is so important to us” notes Katryna Dow Founder & CEO of Meeco, the personal cloud engagement layer that turns small data into big insight. “Imagine the amount of data our children will create in their life-time.  Working together with The Respect Network we can help future generations turn information into assets, just as valuable as coins in piggy bank”.

The demand chain and the supply chain need to pull each other, side by side. There needs to be dialogs of processes, up and down the whole system; seller to buyer, buyer to seller-and even buyer to buyer, and seller to seller.

Craig Burton

Quoted in The Intention Economy by Doc Searls


Amazing week in NYC, networking & pitching Meeco.  This was the first billboard I saw stepping out of a cab at our first meeting.

It set the tone for the week and helped position Meeco.  The picture made it easy to start conversations about the importance of owning our data, so we can decide who and how we want to share or exchange it.

There are so many people to thank for all their help and support this week.  However the two standout outs are Enzo Villani, Twitter @vacapital and Ted (TJ) Coburn from Coburn Greenberg Partners

Thank you


There is no supernatural source of big data, it comes from people

Jaron Lanier, Live at New York Public Library 10 October 2013 #livenypl

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