Thank you


I’m here in Queenstown, New Zealand over the holidays to reflect, hike, cycle and enjoy a little of the southern hemisphere summer. It’s a great chance to review 2014 while working on the Meeco plan for 2015.

Over the past few days while thinking about this end of year message the theme of ‘gratitude’ kept emerging. I feel that our team and I have so much to be thankful for over this past year; mostly the support, encouragement and feedback of the growing Meeco community, who we affectionately refer to as our ‘Meeps’.

I am most grateful that Meeco affords me one of my great passions, which is to travel. Over the past year I have circled the globe four times to be connected in person with Meeps, partners, collaborators and so many inspiring people.

Soul Searching & the Meeco Manifesto

Life has taught me that there are times when you feel you don’t know anything. Everything you used to know gets turned upside down and you find yourself questioning every thing. Everything takes you back to basics.

Meeco Milestone

We reached another milestone this week by adding a new group to the Meeco closed beta!  We are really excited to be growing the Meeco community, and look forward to the feedback.  If you are interested in being amongst the first Meeco users, visit and register to be invited to the open-beta launch.