Soul Searching & the Meeco Manifesto

Life has taught me that there are times when you feel you don’t know anything. Everything you used to know gets turned upside down and you find yourself questioning every thing. Everything takes you back to basics.

Everyone says that it is ‘normal’ in any adventure that includes creating something new. I am reminded that doubt and introspection are part of birthing that which has not existed before.

That is where I have found myself this week; in a thick fog of questions. Until a voice inside reminded me of a little manifesto I had written two years ago, when I first started to raise funds to get Meeco developed.

It turned out that the funds came from me, and that in the end that was exactly how it needed to be. So maybe I was only ever writing this to convince myself to take the next step?

It seems apt today to share it. It reminded me what Meeco stands for and what we want to bring into being. It also helped answer some questions.

You can read the Meeco Manifesto here.

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